Monday, March 24, 2008

Jai Radha Madhav Jagit Singh Live

This online streaming video is from Jagjit Singh live concert at Hare Krishna Mandir, Juhu, Mumbai, India.

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Jai Radha Madhav mp3 download -  Jagjit Singh - here

Download Jai Radha Madhav mp3 - Deva Premal - here

Jagjit singh bhajan mp3 Jai Radha Madhav - here

Just wonderful, so pleasing bhajan.

Will let some positive comments from you tube to tell the story of the video and the beauticful Bhajan song 'Jai Radha Madhav, Jai Kunj Bihari

* From Ghalib to Hare Krishna, this man does justice to everything he sings. You can feel the depth of the bhajan in his voice and rendition. Pay close attention from 5.50 to 06.30. God bless you Jagjit sumit nyc

* wonderful... very sweet and moving.. jaya radha madhava!

hare krishna!

* Excellent spritual song and always remember the spritual world.

* i love this bhajan!!!!!!!!
thankyou for posting it =)
hare krishna!

* Hare Krishna, Hare Ram

* guys does anyone know when was this concert ?? it looks like 8-9 year old video ... i really liked the end part ...

reply : 1994

* hare krishna hare ram, thank you for uploading this, love jagjit singh's bhajans

* ai radha madhav jai kunj bihari.
Murali manohar karuna sagar.............
Jai govardhandhari...............



Anonymous said...

Fantastic, just beautiful, really loved. Jagjit really knows how to do justice to any song.


Very melodious and soothing

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