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Song in Hindi - Jo tum todo piya - mp3 - Lyrics

Hindi Film:"Meera"
Directed by: Gulzar
Cast : Hema Malini, Vinod Khanna, Amjad Khan, Sheeram Lagu
music : Ravi Shankar

Meera Ndtv songs are very popular among the lovers of Krishna songs and Krishna devotees. This is a song from Hindi movie Meera. Krishna devotional songs sung by Meeira, are very meaningful because those have come out of her heart, her intense love for Krishna.

Sitar maestro RAVI SHANKAR recreates magic with his scintillating music choreography for an absolutely mesmerizing Meera Bhajan sung by Vani Jairam.

The Saint princess Meera Bai  was so smitten by Krishna that she forsake the world  in search and longing for her beloved Giridhar Gopal. Her love poetry expresses  her intense passion and devotion for the lord, she says, “Jo Tum Todo Piya, Mai Nahin Todun Re, To So Preet Tod Krishna Kaun Sang Jodu Re”.

Lyrics of Song in Hindi - Jo tum todo piya in English along with Translation or meaning. 

Jo Tum Todo Piya Main Nahi Todu Re
Tori Prit Todi Krsna Kaun Sang Jodu

O Krishna My Beloved! Even If YOU Break  the Relation of love Between Us, I Will Not do the same. For, Who Else Will I relate my Love to, If I Break the love relation with You?

Tum Bhaye Taruvara Main Bhayi Pankhiya
Tum Bhaye Sarovara Main Teri Manchiya

If You are a Grand Tree, Then I am A bird sitting and taking shelter on that tree. If You are a lake I am a fish within the Waters of lake.

Tum Bhaye Girivar Main Bhayi Cara
Tum Bhaye Canda Ham Bhayi Cakora

If You are a mountain, I am A stream flowing through and in it. If You are the moon, Then I Am The Chakora Bird.
[The Chakora bird Is known to forget everything and magnetized by the moon Stares at the full moon continuously]

Tum Bhaye Moti Prabhu Ham Bhayi Dhaga
Tum Bhaye Sona Ham Bhayi Khaga

If You are a pearl bead, I Am The Thread that weaves the the bead and always in the center. If You Aae gold - The meaning of Hindi word Khaga is not available and will be updated as soon as we get it.

Mira Kahe Prabhu Brij Ke Vasi
Tum Mere Thakur Main Teri Dasi

Mira Says, My Lord, who resides in Brij, Vrajadhama, You are my Lord and I Am Your Servant (Dasi)

Download Krishna song mp3 Jo tum todo piya 

 Jo Tum Todo Piya Vani Jairam MP3 Download Jo Tum Todo Piya

Jo Tum Todo Piya Download mp3 Sitara Kanpur Jo Tum Todo Piya

Jo Tum Todo Piya Chorus, Lata Mangeshkar, Manna Dey, Hemant Kumar Jo Tum Todo Piya
Lyrics of Song in Hindi - Jo tum todo piya in Hindi or Devanagari script.

जो तुम तोड़ो पिया मैं नहीं तोडू
तोरी प्रीत तोड़ी कृष्ण कौन संग जोडू

तुम भये तरुवर मैं भई पंखिया 
तुम भये सरोवर मई तेरी मंछिया

तुम भये गिरिवर मैं भई कर
तुम भये चंदा हम भई चकोरा

तुम भये मोती प्रभु हम भई धागा
तुम भये सोना हम भई खागा

मीरा कहे प्रभु ब्रिज के वासी
तुम मेरे ठाकुर मैं तेरी दासी

Some informative and good comments from youtube for this Hindi song

Wow, another beautiful one, and the sitar pieces r splendid

The Sitar is divine because the music is composed by Pandit Ravi Shankar

Ravi Shankar's best composition is this song

BEAUTIFUL Example of Scintillating Sitar Composition in this!! :) It absolutely drenches the listeners' audio senses in sheer musical euphoria! :) Have always LOVED this Meera bhajan, sung very beautifully by Vani Jayaram. :) Thanks for uploading Vani Jayaram Meera bhajans. Look forward to MORE! :) The sitar rendition sure is "out of this world" here. :) LOVE it. Best Always,

Let me add a compliment to Ravi Shankar's compositional genius. Where would great voices be without such creative work by divinely inspired musicians!

lovely ..bhajan ..its seems as essence of meerabai pad's are beautifully sang by vani jairam ..thx a lot
Thanks a ton for uploading this!! :) This has been one of my all time favorite Meera Bhajans since my Delhi days years back as a college student. STILL love it just the same. LOVE singing these. Thanks to YOUTUBE and folks who cherish music this just sooo delighted. Life is worth living for beautiful music itself... :) add humor, nature and awesome sweet caring people you choose to be with - what more could one want? :) Best to you. Always

Meera's bhajan's broke the dam for me and I started appreciating bhakti ras. In this one Vani Jairam is really superb as was Lata in the other one from "Jhanak Jhanak Payal..." movie. For some reason, Hema Malini comes out so flat in this one in her acting. Just does not convey Meerabai's anguish and ethos.

i think vani is quite appropriate as the singer for this movie 'cause hema has a south accent too. it creates a good harmony. i think hema just fits meera's role. she has a purity about her; i think that is required for a devotional role.

bt'fl song

A masterpiece in the genre of bhajans. There are several ethereal ones, including Aeri Mein To Prem Diwani, Jago Mohan Pyare Jago,Prabhu Tero Nam, and Jyoti Kalash Chhalke, sung by Lataji ,but this one by Vani Jairam brings the spiritual message of the bhakti tradition to new heights of piety,or perhaps I should say, new DEPTHS of piety since such feelings come from the core of one's soul. Many thanks for uploading this uplifting hymn, vidyakarella.

My grandfather used to have LP record of Meera, and I used to listen to these songs as a child.If you can find it,can you also upload another song "Baala main bairaagan hoongi" also sung by Vani Jayaram in the same film?

well, this song we just watched was sung by Vani Jairam. Isn't it?

Yes. The song featured on this youtube page is by Vani Jairam composed by Ravi Shankar. This is the song 'jo tum todo PIYA, main nahi todun" by Mira Bai. The one cgdakshata was referring to was a song written by poet Raidasa with the words "jo tum toro RAM, main nahi torun." Different lyrics within the song. Lakshmi Shanar sang this song twice. Once in the album version in 1979 and the other in a concert version. :-)

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