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Vinod Agarwal – Songs – Bhajans – mp3 - download

Shri Vinod Agarwal It was one day that my mom pointed out to me a bhajan singer on devotional tv channel. It was not the singer that she pointed to me. It was the magic created by the Hindi devotional song singer Shri Vinod Agarwal. Devotional bhajans are regularly shown on Shanskar Tv Channel, Aastha and Zee Jagran tv channel.

It is said that bhajan should be sung with bhava (emotions or feelings for the divine or the spiritual deity to whom the bhajan or song is dedicated).

That was precisely what was happening. Many of the devotional vinod agarwal ji song listeners were seen rapt in the emotions. Few with eyes closed somewhere in the inner spiritual world. Some with tears flowing through their eyes. Some swaying in spiritual joy with the tunes of the bhajans or devotional songs. You will be able to see this in the video songs from youtube of Shraddhey Vinod Agarwal which will be listed on this page, as soon as they get posted. Just as done in Krishna Songs or Shiva songs.

RahdaKrishna Watching the video songs it looks like the spiritual energy or the grace of God or Krishna is much while Vinod Agarwal ji sings the bhajans. That is what bhakti sangeet (devotional music and songs) is for. Bhakti means devotion and sangeet means music and songs. The songs which helps to develop the devotion is bhakti sangeet. That is what happens when Sri Vinod Agarwalji sings the songs in devotion to Lord Krishna.

Other factor when he sings Krishna bhajans is he manages to Radha_Krishna_sawariya change the tempo and rhythm of the song in a very natural way. Narrating the meanings or lyrics or telling a story concerning the lyrics, while the devotional song is going on is one more characteristic of Vinod Agarwalji’s singing.   It all happens with ease as if proving the lyrics of the first video song in this list. Karte ho Tum Kanaiya naam mera ho raha hai. Which means You are doing the work Kanaiya (a name of Lord Krishna) and I am getting the fame.

Vinod Agarwal bhajan singer He sings the bhajans for free. He does not charge any money for singing or performing live. Free, may be in terms of money. But his bhajans does demand. They demand the bhava, attraction and feelings towards the divine. Where the giver also benefits. Because bhava when given increases. The laws of economics and spirituality are different :) The bhava flows freely during Shri Vinod Agarwal bhajans.

Non stop Radha Madhav Kirtan on Hindu religious festivals like  Janmashtami, Shivratri etc. is another specialization of Vinod Agrawalji. He conducts uninterrupted long sankirtan programs on Hindu religious festivals.
All the Hindi songs listed will have lyrics, and download mp3 options if legally available and links to buy the audio cd from which that particular video song.

Few comments taken from video songs from youtube that shows his magic on the listeners.

  • This bhajan maan ko itna shanti deta hai jaise ji parmatma se milan ho gaya hao. means This bhajan brings me immense peace, as if merged in the divine.
  • Can`t say anything, a marvelous voice , touches directly to heart.
  • Just the best. Beautiful bhajans. I can't find words to describe how wonderful they are.
  • Excellent Bhajan I have heard it for more than 100 times but still I am striving to hear it again.
List of Bhajans or devotional Hindi songs sung by Shri Vinod Agarwal

Hindi Song - Mera aapki kripa se
Contains two video songs from you tube for this song. 1 is live performance of bhakti sangeet. Other one is from t-series album studio recording. Also Lyrics in Hindi and English and rough translation or meaning of the Hindi song in English. 


    Ashish Bansal said...

    Vinod ji is indeed one of the best bhajan singers in the world today. Here is a site where you can find his bhajans in audio and video format:
    Text of his bhajans can also be found on:

    radhika said...

    i pray for vinodji for long life n good health whenever i hear bhajans sung by him.........

    Anonymous said...

    Really I have no words for people like Shri Vinodji Agarwal, they literaliy put his all devotion in bhajans & was very glad to know that he did not charge for any of his bhajans. Really proud to be of such peoples in INDIA. Yogesh Sharma.

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