Friday, August 14, 2009

Ashtakshar Mantra Shree Krishna Sharanam Mama

Ashtakshar Mantra of Lord Krishna
Shree Krishna Sharanam Mama (Shri Krishna is my shelter))

Shri - the good fortune of wealth is attained.
Kri - destroys sin.
Shnaha - suffering is removed.
Sha - one is liberated from the cycle of the birth and death.
Ra - one attains the divine knowledge of Prabhu.
Nam - bestows unwavering and everlasting devotion for Shri Krishna.
Ma - one attains love for Guru who imparts the teachings of Krishna's seva.
Ma - one attains merger with Prabhu after which taking rebirth is not necessary.

By repeating ashtakshar mantra, with knowledge of its deeper significance, one attains love and devotion for Shri Krishna and detachment is attained. Pleasures and liberation are firmly established. From the repetition of ashtakshar mantra, one will be free from illness and all sins will be destroyed. Wealth and power is immediately attained and one can reside in the home with security and stability. One who recites ashtakshar mantra can not be harmed by ghosts or other spirits, wild animals, thieves, etc. and in adversities one is protected by Prabhu. In His shelter, enemies become friends and just as a mouse seeing a snake becomes frightened, enemies become filled with trepidation. By repetition of ashtakshar mantra, sinful actions, harmful conditions, detrimental planetary configurations in one's horoscope are all destroyed and anand swarup Shri Krishna everlastingly resides in the heart.

Shri Maha Prabhuji's main teaching is that ashtakshar mantra should be repeated with every bhava
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Some selected comments from yo tube for this video

The droning repetition of this particular mantra gives my spine the chills! Beautiful Krishna video and love the Durga Das music!

Lila - great job on the new video - the chant is hyptnotic and relaxing - what is the meaning and or use of the mantra?

Hi RKS, thanks, it loosely means "I surrender at the feet of the Divine" (Krishna). The Sanskrit carries an energy vibration, the Divine in sound. It is said to be like a medicine to heal and transform ones life (your vibration) to be like the Divine, your true nature...all-knowing, ever-new, continuous Bliss though beyond even this duality.

Powerful chant and video!

Jai Shri Krishna, Sri Krishna sharana Mama Chants gives peace of mind.Good job by artists and made serene.

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Kirjuri said...

Thanks for spreading this information :-) Shri Krishna is surely very pleased with you. This mantra pierced my heart and after repeating it I wanted to find more information about it :-)

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